There is an artist, writer, creative person—whatever name you want to choose—inside of each and every one of us, wanting to find expression.  Finding one’s medium is the crux of the problem. 

I took my first handmade books course in 1997 from Shereen LaPlantz and haven’t looked back.  The process of combining word and image in a book or print holds within it a unique joy.  I am passionate about trying to pass on that knowledge and experience to my students. 

Whenever I teach, I am delighted every time one of my students chooses to name herself or himself a writer or an artist, and then chooses to make the changes necessary in their lives to make that naming a reality.

I am again teaching as an Adjunct Instructor for Hamline University’s Creative Writing Program and have taught for Creating Educational Materials (CEM). I am a contract teaching artist for Minnesota Center for Book Arts and the Loft Literary Center.

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