The first time something I wrote touched others in the wider world I was a teenager with a soldier friend in Vietnam.  My friend was due home on leave, and on a whim, I wrote the weatherman at WCCO radio and asked him to predict a warm rain that spring, because both my soldier and I liked to take walks in the rain.  Without giving the name of the author or the soldier, my letter was read repeatedly over the next week on different radio shows.  My grandmother called me by phone the first time she heard it read and asked if I had written the letter.  Somehow, she recognized my voice in the tone of the letter and the way the words were used.

I started writing poetry and exploring my writing voice when I was fourteen.  But I didn’t name myself writer or hope to again send my words into the wider world until I was an adult. 

My writing happens in multiple genres—poetry, fiction, memoir, stories for adults or young adults or children—because my voice resides in more than one place.  I believe we are each given stories to tell in our own unique way.  I work at finding, honoring, and bringing forth the stories I was put in this world to tell.

A world without story is like a mind without memories.

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